run Photoshop CS2 on Windows10

When I downloaded the free old version of Adobe Photoshop CS2 and installed it on windows10, I found it is not able to launch the software, it comes out with a error alert, and force me to close the program. I was aware of it is a compatibility problem, but not know how to fix it. After tried a lot, I found the most easy way: using windows application tools.

  1. close your photoshop cs2 alert first
  2. open your photoshop cs2 installed directory, and select Photoshop.exe
  3. on the top of the screen, there will be a tab named Manage
  4. click Troubleshoot compatibility item
  5. follow what it call you to do, try more
  6. done

And you may need to run photoshop as administrator, for this, right click on Photoshop.exe and open properties, change to Compatibility to select Run this program as an administrator.